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He is Just a Baby! No Way Can He Be Exposed to Decay on His Teeth

As if parents don’t have enough to worry about their newborns, it has now been confirmed in a recent study that the bacteria that causes decay is present in infant bacteria. Cavities are the most infectious disease in children in the United States. By the age of 5, 40% of children have dental cavities. Parents need to take precaution at an early age to help minimize the potential for tooth decay. This includes, cleaning the gums of the infants as this soft tissue serves as a reservoir for bacteria even before tooth eruption.

You Are Not the Only One Interested in Your Sleeping Habits

Are you aware your dentist can play an important role in helping diagnose and treat Sleep Disorders? More and more dentists are becoming involved with the physicians that treat sleep disorders. During your dental exam the dentist will ask you questions regarding your sleep habits and snoring problems. Dentists should be involved in the over all health of the patient not just the condition of the teeth and gums.

So You Think You’re Immune to Bad Breath…Think Again!

Many of you have experienced bad breath at some time in your life and you hope that it will never happen again. Halitosis affects about 85% of the population at one time or another. By the simple action of reducing the bacteria in your mouth, you can help avoid halitosis. Listed below, you will find some easy steps to diminish the possibility of getting bad breath.