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Dentures Do Not Need to Be in Your Future

Due to better accessibility to dental health care and fluoridation of water, more of our adult population is keeping their teeth. Over the past 2 decades we have seen a decrease from 17% to 7% of tooth loss in adults. Enamel erosion is becoming one of the major problems seen in adult dentition. The damage to the outer surface of the tooth, enamel, can be caused by erosion due to acids present for prolonged amount of time or biting forces on the dentition. Sensitivity and tooth decay are two of the problems that can occur due to tooth erosion. Reducing the amount of acid intake in carbonated drinks and alcohol can help prevent erosion on teeth. Since enamel erosion is irreversible, it is important that if you are experiencing sensitivity that you visit your dentist. He may prescribe a tooth paste that is high in fluoride to help seal off the areas that are sensitive. In certain cases, he may need to place a filling to cover up the areas that have erosion. You can help yourself by brushing your teeth after eating thereby reducing the acid present in your mouth. The latest studies indicate to wait 20 minutes after eating so that your saliva has the opportunity to neutralize the acid in your mouth and then brush. Grinding of your teeth or the way that you bite may also attribute to erosion of your teeth especially along the gum line. Sine this area is so close in proximity to the nerve, sensitivity can cause an adverse effect on your nerve, sometimes leading to the need of a root canal to take care of the problem. Your dentist can provide you with an occlusal guard similar to those used by athletes to help diminish the force exerted on your teeth during grinding. Remember that if you are experiencing sensitivity, your teeth may be telling you that a visit to the dentist needs to be addressed immediately.