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State of the Art Digital Dental X-Rays in South Jordan, UT

Your cleaning and prevention plan at Dr. Maymi’s dental office includes having dental X-rays taken of your teeth at least once or twice a year. Our South Jordan, Utah dental practice is equipped with the latest in dental X-ray technology: digital radiography or digital X-rays. Digital radiography uses an electronic sensor to capture and then store accurate digital images of your teeth.

Taking digital X-rays is a much faster and more comfortable process for our patients than having traditional X-rays taken. Digital X-rays also emit up to 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays, so you know that you are always safe at our dental practice. Because the images taken by the digital X-ray machine can be instantly viewed, our dental team is able to detect any potential problems faster and more efficiently than ever before. For more information on digital X-rays, please contact our office today.