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Quality Fillings in South Jordan, UT

Human teeth are pretty strong. The enamel on your teeth is even harder and stronger than your bones, but that doesn’t mean your teeth are impervious to fractures or cavities. When one of your teeth is damaged, one of the best ways to repair it is with a filling.

For quality fillings and friendly service, call Dr. Jerry F. Maymi & Associates in South Jordan, UT. Our educated staff members will take good care of you, and we’ll restore your healthy, strong smile.

Quality Fillings

When most people think of fillings, they might only think of cavities. But fillings can be used for a number of different damages, such as cracks, decay, and fractures. Fillings can even help repair damage caused by infections.

If we spot any kind of damage on your teeth, we’ll remove it as quickly and painlessly as possible. We’ll then clean the area and replace the damage with a durable filling.

Fillings can come in a variety of materials, such as gold, silver, amalgam, and porcelain. In our office, we use composite resin so you don’t have to worry about your fillings standing out when you smile, laugh, or speak. Composite resin closely matches the color of your teeth, so it will blend right in while providing the protection and restoration you need.

A History of Exceptional Care

With more than two decades of experience, Dr. Jerry F. Maymi & Associates can provide excellent dental services when you need them. We’re able to cater to both adults and children, so your whole family can receive dental care all under one roof. And to better accommodate our patients, we keep our office open late to fit your schedule—not ours.

Allow our team to take care of your dental needs. Contact us at 801-253-7553, and feel free to ask any questions.