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Quality Fluoride Treatment From Dr. Jerry F. Maymi

Teeth come in contact with a variety of foods and substances on a daily basis, often resulting in the demineralization of your teeth. Demineralization happens when your teeth are exposed to damaging acids and plaque, causing your teeth enamel lose minerals.

While you can restore some of these lost minerals by eating foods or drinking beverages with calcium, fluoride, and phosphate, the enamel sometimes needs a little extra help to restore its strength. To effectively restore minerals to your teeth, visit Dr. Jerry F. Maymi in South Jordan, UT for fluoride treatment.

Experience Stronger Teeth

If your teeth don’t restore minerals at a fast enough rate, demineralization can eventually lead to tooth decay. But when you get one of our effective fluoride treatments, you can build up your teeth’s enamel and further protect your pearly whites from damage. Fluoride has actually been proven to sometimes reverse damage caused by tooth decay, restoring the health of your teeth.

During our fluoride treatment, we’ll apply fluoride directly to your teeth to quicken the remineralization process and swiftly strengthen your teeth. While toothpastes and mouth rinses with fluoride can be helpful, our treatments hold a higher amount of fluoride, ensuring you get positive results quickly and efficiently.

Feel free to bring your entire family in for fluoride treatments, as both children and adults can benefit from a simple fluoride application.

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At our office, we use only the most up-to-date treatments and technology to ensure our patients get high-quality care. Dr. Maymi has provided superior dental services for over two decades, and when you come to us for your dental needs, you can expect a friendly attitude and thorough, exceptional care.

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