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Dentist in Riverton, UT

Every member of your family deserves to smile ear to ear on a daily basis. At Dr. Jerry F. Maymi and Associates, we provide family and cosmetic dentistry services that help everyone share his or her best smile daily. Patients from Riverton, UT, often choose our practice for the dental services they need. Our South Jordan office is close to Riverton, and our services include everything you need to care for your mouth.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Bright Smiles

Many patients come to Dr. Maymi hoping to freshen up their smile. He can advise you on the best teeth whitening, tooth replacement, and tooth alignment options available to you. Don’t wait one more day to start creating the confident smile you’ve always envisioned!

Emergency Dentistry for Tooth Pain and Accidents

Toothaches can range in pain from a dull annoyance to an excruciating throb. Luckily, you can see a dentist right away when tooth pain occurs. Call our office, and we’ll set up an appointment as quickly as possible so you can find relief. Our practice is also equipped to handle dental emergencies beyond tooth pain. Come in for care when a filling falls out, a tooth gets cracked, or a permanent tooth comes loose in a sports accident.

Comprehensive Dental Care for Your Family

Dr. Jerry F. Maymi and Associates are always ready to help your family members smile. Call 801-253-7553 to set up a regular checkup or a consultation about your smile.