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FullSizeRender (1)Many adults think that decay is just for children when in effect, you are at risk your whole life. When dental disease is left untreated in can lead to serious health problems such as infection which can damage underlying bone, nerve damage and tooth loss.  When dental infections are left untreated they can spread to other parts of your body that can eventually be life threatening.  In pregnant women, infections of the gum tissue can lead to early birth and low birth weight of the child.

The important thing for us to know is that dental disease is preventable and treatable. By instituting good preventive dentistry on yourself, and adopting good oral homecare, you can lead a healthy oral status.  It is important to always brush twice a day, floss between teeth at least once a day, eat a balanced diet and limit between meal snacks.  Regular dental visits at least once every six months will help you maintain a good dentition and oral health.