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Use Cheese Instead of Ketchup to Protect Oral Health

Ketchup is a very popular topping but can also be very devastating to a person’s oral health. As a result, people worried about their teeth should use foods like cheese as a topping instead. This step can help support oral health and provide healthier doses of vitamins and minerals in a person’s diet.

Ketchup Is Moderately Damaging to Teeth 

Tomatoes provide one of the more destructive types of acid for dental health. And as ketchup is made primarily of tomatoes, this sauce has some of the same destructive tendencies. However, ketchup contains less acidic components than tomatoes because it is watered down with a multitude of ingredients that do negate some of the acids.

That said, ketchup ranks as damaging to the teeth by most dental specialists. Most ketchup brands have high levels of sugar, which provides bacteria and plaque with the food necessary to spread through the mouth. Combined with the acid of the tomatoes, the sugar of ketchup can quickly erode the enamel of a tooth and make bacterial invasion much easier.

Therefore, young children who eat ketchup with multiple meals may experience early oral health problems. For example, children may use ketchup to flavor foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and even steaks. This problem also affects adults who commonly use ketchup. Luckily, alternative toppings — like cheese — avoid this issue.

Cheese Helps Support Dental Health 

Although many types of foods negatively impact a person’s oral health, cheese is one of the most beneficial to a person’s dental strength. For example, cheese comes from milk, which is packed with high doses of calcium. Calcium naturally promotes bone health and also keeps the teeth in the mouth stronger and more resistant to various types of diseases.

Just as importantly, cheese is nowhere near as acidic as ketchup. As a result, cheese makes an excellent alternative topping to ketchup. For example, a hamburger lover could add melted cheese to the top of their burger to produce a richer flavor.

Even slices of cheese or shredded cheeses could add a little more texture and flavor to a dish such as a steak. Melted cheese makes a good option, especially when prepared at home because you can mix several types of cheese at the same time.

Types of Cheese to Consider 

Cheese comes in many different flavor varieties and types, which provides a multitude of excellent topping options. For example, individuals looking for a potent flavor could add extra sharp cheddar right into the meat of their hamburger. This addition of the cheese helps to neutralize some of the acidic textures that might be common in some burgers.

However, more exotic cheese types can also produce rich flavors. Feta has a salty and slightly bitter taste. Typically, feta tastes good in salads, but can also flavor hot dogs. Parmesan cheese, by contrast, has an almost nutty taste and a lovely texture that makes spreading helpings of shredded Parmesan easy to do on most dishes.

Even better, skilled chefs can blend multiple types of cheese to produce an even broader array of flavors. For example, mixing cheddar with mozzarella and Gouda takes three very different tastes and combines them uniquely and satisfyingly. Try to mix at least three or more cheeses to get the best variety.

Help for Dental Issues 

Individuals concerned about excessive ketchup use should contact us at Dr. Jerry F. Maymi & Associates to learn more about foods that support dental health. Our experts can also inspect your teeth to see if any issues are plaguing your teeth and will work hard to help your overall dental health with effective treatment methods.